Create instagram account

In this post we will give you the complete guideline to sign up on Instagram in just 11 steps. To make it easier to set up and create the account, we have included pictures with illustrations. All you require is a smartphone and access to Internet.

How do you make accounts on Instagram

The steps to create an Instagram account are identical for all devices. So, this guide is compatible on all smartphones.

There are three ways to sign up for IG:

Using your number on your phone;

Using your email;

Via Facebook.

Step #1. Install the Instagram app on your mobile devices.

It’s much more convenient to sign up for an Instagram account within the app. It’s also available in iOS and Android devices. That is free app that allows In-App Purchases.

Note that the official apps are completely free and come with greater than 120 million downloads as well as high ratings.

Step #2. Make sure you have your contacts

Launch the Instagram application and select the contact details you wish to use for creating an account. You can make use of an account on Facebook to create it fast. If you do not want to join your social profiles it is possible to use your email or phone address.

Make sure you are careful when you type in your contact details. If you do not pay attention and you don’t receive an email or SMS with the 6-digit code on Instagram as a result, and you won’t have an account.

Then, you can alter the number that you used to sign up or delete it to ensure that nobody will be able to find your profile on Instagram using the number. It’s the same about an email address. You are able to alter or remove it at any time.

Step #3. Make sure you have your first and last names for introduce.

Introduce yourself during the next step. Include your name so that others can locate you. It is easier for them to find you if you use authentic names, and use them in your native language. You can also create a second username to use for the account on Instagram accounts in the near future.

Step #4. Fill in the 6 digits of the code

You must now confirm that you’re an actual person. In just a few minutes, you’ll get an SMS or an email with the 6-digit number for confirmation. Enter it and tap next.

Step #5. Create a strong password for your Instagram account

Security is always the top first priority. You should create a strong password whenever you opening your Instagram account. Make use of numbers and letters in your password to ensure that hackers can’t use it to steal the account. The people who don’t think about creating an easy password for their Instagram accounts often end up being the victims of hackers. If you want to avoid this you could create a new password.

Step #6. Select your Instagram username

In this stage, you need to make an account name. It’s a unique name for the Instagram account you have.

It can be written only using Latin letters. In addition, you can use underscores as well as numbers.

Don’t fret if you’re unable to make a memorable Instagram user name to your profile. You can change it later. Alter the name in your profile settings in the future.

Once you have completed that step, you can proceed through the steps to follow.

Step #7. Join Facebook and find Facebook buddies on Instagram

Once you’ve technically set up the Instagram account, there are some things remain to do is set it up. The application will allow you to link the Instagram account to Facebook to connect with your friends.

Let’s not bother with this step the moment. Then, you’ll be able to connect with those who may be interesting to you by yourself. Select the Skip button on the lower right on the page.

Step #8. Find contacts of friends.

It’s not all about the people you have as friends. Instagram is really trying to get you to locate them. It lets you connect your account that you just created with your contacts. You can give access immediately or later.

Step #9. Create your Instagram profile picture

The next step is to setup your Instagram profile picture. Tap Add Photo to select an appealing and bright photo that will draw interest.

Step #10. Make sure you save the password to the account you created IG account

Instagram allows you to keep your login and user name, so that you don’t have repeatedly entered them when you log into Instagram. This is convenient and we strongly recommend it.

Step #11. Join Instagram to the Follow list

Now, you’re able to say that your Instagram account is created and is set up. The next step is to locate followers so that your Instagram feed won’t become an empty space.

Instagram lets you follow well-known accounts. Do not rush to follow each and every one. Follow only those who interest you. You can follow them in the future and , for now, just skip this step by tapping the next.

Let’s go over

Congratulations! You’ve joined Instagram and created your account!

In the lower part on the display, you’ll find a magnifying glasses icon. Click it.

Here you can browse the content recommended to you via Instagram and you can search for someone’s username or password into the Search Bar. Additionally, you can use the Search Bar to locate accounts by different hashtags or keywords.