The Instagram app was initially conceived as a social media platform that allowed users to upload pictures using vintage filters, but now it’s way more! Since its debut in the year 2010, Instagram has gone on to become an effective digital marketing tool, and it’s not surprising that brands as well as businesses are searching for strategies to grow the numbers of followers they have on their Instagram accounts. To help, we’ve put together the Instagram guide for businesses in which you’ll find various strategies to gain followers for your company.

As we’ve said, Instagram has evolved incredibly since its inception. Gradually it added more features and formats for content as the platform expanded to more than a billion people in the process of becoming among the top social networks around the globe.

The amount of people who use Instagram is a huge potential for exposure, however, if you consider Instagram for businesses it also means an increased competition for exposure against other brands, businesses and other companies with the same goals the same way as you. This is why it’s important to gain followers for your business and to ensure your account’s steady expansion.

Tip 1 Create an optimized Instagram professional profile

This may sound like simple advice, but it’s essential to develop your company’s Instagram account right from the basic.

The first step is to set up a business profile to give you additional tools to aid in increasing the visibility of your account via the site. It’s fairly easy but you’ll need to connect your company’s Instagram profile to your Facebook page.

After having set up your profile on the platform it is important to finish and optimize all of the areas the platform gives you to achieve greater outcomes in every practice the goal of gaining followers for your company.

Additionally, you must think about the visual aspects not just in your profile content however, you should also consider graphic elements , such as your profile image as well as the layout of the stories you feature, and every other aspect that can be used to communicate what you want to convey about your company.

Tips 2: Engage to gain followers to your business

We can’t talk about the best ways to gain followers for your business without also mentioning the significance of interaction to increase the number of followers you have on your profile.

The most effective way to get followers is to follow and engaging with prominent accounts within your particular niche. This allows you to rank higher as you interact and provide compelling content to people who are in your specific field which makes leads more valuable than the leads you receive using other methods since they come from people with a genuine interest in them. What you have to provide to them.

It’s not enough to simply publish and reply to comments on your posts, you must also encourage yourself to connect with other users, post comments or like them to start conversations that are more relevant to your profile on particular areas. When you post comments, you should ensure that they are authentic in order for this to be more effective.

Tip 3: The power of storytelling

Many businesses on Instagram are guilty of promoting their products with excessive content. This doesn’t produce positive results over the long term.

Even if your products or services are interesting but you need to make sure that you have information that goes beyond selling to create brand recognition. Also, you must provide the link should encourage user loyalty to your company.

One of the best methods to achieve this is to use storytelling on Instagram by viewing every post as part of the narrative you’re telling through your account. While the goal is to increase conversions and earn money through sales Your publications should provide relevant content for your followers.

This will help you draw the top Instagram followers for your company and increase the likelihood that each one of your new followers will turn into loyal customers of your company.

TIP 4: Make the most of hashtags!

It is evident it is evident that the hashtags in Instagram are essential to boost exposure for content.

When you use hashtags in your posts , you can ensure that your content is found to a wider range of people by using hashtags that are relevant to your field will not only increase your reach, but also be a result of potential customers who are that are interested in what you have to offer within your company.

Making hashtags easy. It is all you need to do is add keywords following”#”. Once you have added the “#” symbol. The challenge is to determine the terms these keywords refer to. You can accomplish this by examining the content of popular accounts as well as your competitors. This will then inspire you to come up with combinations, or even new hashtags of your own.

Tips 5: Make use of Instagram Stories Stories

Instagram Stories were introduced to the platform in 2016 , and it wasn’t long before they to be one of the most popular functions on Instagram.

Use them to help spread the word about your content, engage with your followers, or even to get to know your readers, stories have proven extremely effective in all of these ways.

The primary benefit of this story is the fact that they are deleted within 24 hours. It could be interpreted as a negative aspect however it is because of the expiration date that businesses and companies can utilize the stories to showcase their own content and to humanize their brand.

In the course of time, more features like AR filters as well as music stickers, questions/answers polls among others were added to stories which are not just more interactive and fun but also a useful way to connect with and interact with your fans.

TIP 6 Create competitions to market your product

Conducting a contest is among the most effective ways to gain people to follow your business because they can provide fast and long-lasting results.

The reasoning is straightforward in that by offering the opportunity to be the winner of an award (ideally an award that is linked to your brand) it will result in attracted by a huge number of customers who are who are interested in your brand. In accordance with the terms and conditions it is possible to turn those users into followers on your business’s account.

The most commonly used conditions are follow, like , and comment. You can invite users to ask a few of other users to take part and to share the content or to fulfill any other requirement that is not in conflict with the Instagram community rules, you must keep in mind that the more complicated the conditions, it’ll be more difficult for the users to convince themselves to join in. Therefore, you need to find a compromise between the terms and appealingness of the prize that you give away.